Orange Soda Photo


Just who the heck are we?

We're Alicia and Chris, the fab duo that makes up Orange Soda! We're both published photographers with over 10 years each specializing in wedding, portrait and lifestyle photography. We have awards, and would be happy to tell you about them, but the thing that gets us really excited is picking up a camera and exploring.

Why Orange Soda? Because it reminds us of being 12 and days with no worry, of summers that seemed to stretch on into infinity. It makes us think of pop and fizz, warm colors and sandy beaches. Together we create a dynamic team that creates a dramatic and fun experience.

Both of us have had cameras in our hands as long as we can remember, and we still get that rush of exhilaration we felt the first time we peeked through a viewfinder. We have a big ol' crush on life and love to share our life experiences with new people.

Alicia has a couple of degrees in some complicated medical stuff, and grew up with a darkroom in her basement, traveling the western US and Europe extensively, always with a camera in hand, captured the life before her. She still shoots 3D and stereoscopic film cameras. Secretly she is an underwater ninja.

Chris started photographing his Army deployments to Central America, using a darkroom that dwarfs a city block. He has always had a hand in design and digital pre-press and working with ginormous printers that boggle the mind. Having extensive experience with large and ultra large format cameras, he's always searching for that perfect portrait.